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Bonkers for Bangles

Bonkers for Bangles

Everyone and everything has an origin. It's no different for the bangle bracelet. It's a jewelry piece that stands out from the rest. It's not conforming like the average bracelet. It even draws more attention. 

Can you believe the oldest bangle found are over 40,000 years old? Here's an even bigger shocker, they don't originate from Egypt like we would have expected. These old art pieces were resting in a Siberian cave. It has undoubtedly traveled the world and offered different meaning to different cultures. 

In the Chinese culture, bangles were given to their children for good luck. Indian brides wear them on their wedding day superstitiously, believing when the bangle breaks the honeymoon is over. Those with wealth also wear bangles to indicate status. 

But these are just a few cultures that hold bangles in high value. This amazing piece can be found in Egyptian culture as well as in Mayan, Roman, Indian and Mauryan ruins. 

Whatever the meaning behind the bangle, you hardly come across someone who is not a fan. It's simply a piece of jewelry that is fun, attractive and one we can't live without. 

Now that we've pumped with a load of knowledge, I'm sure you're going to want to get yourself a luscious bangle. Check out ours


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