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Dark Blue Crystals

Dark Blue Crystals

Christmas decorating in October anyone? Too soon...I think not! Ditch the classic red and green this year and try something new! Dark blue is in, friends! And we’ve got just the statement ornament for you.

Check out this Dark Blue and Silver Wrapped Icicle for your tree this year. Man, is it an eye-catcher! If you want to make your in-laws jealous this year, this will do just the trick! ;)

Not only does it look amazing, but dark blue crystals have just the right amount of Christmas spirit to bring to your home. It’s known for enhancing respect and compassion for ourselves, as well as helping us to act more charitable.

Feeling a bit down this year? Maybe this is the perfect addition to your home this year. This crystal will help you feel more considerate of yourself and others. And we all know the world can use a little more of that.

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