The Healing Powers of Agate

The Healing Powers of Agate

Any artisan jewelry lover knows there is purpose behind what they wear. Agate stone is no exception to this rule. Ultimately, we wear it to be grounded and heal. You can trace its origin back to the flowing rivers of Sicily. Considered to be an extremely valued treasure, many believed that this crystal helped to win wars, calm storms and heal scorpion bites. In today’s society, many that struggle with anxiety can use it for balance. 

Let’s talk about its healing capabilities!

Physical. Have you ever felt like you were in a slump? Agate crystals will pull you out of that haze and restore the energy you need. It will also give a boost to those that have a slow metabolism. Stomach problems could be a thing of the past with this stone because it’s been known to clear indigestion and other issues right up. Do you struggle with sleeping? Agate will naturally help you rest. 

Emotional. For individuals who need a confident booster, adorn yourself with agate. With this newly found sense of confidence you will find the ability to finally make decisions for yourself rather than seeking external advice. What aids this is the crystal’s ability to give you a clear mind, allowing you to be more analytical in your troubleshooting. 

Metaphysical. If you are searching for best practices when it comes to clearing your chakra, you will definitely benefit from wearing agate crystals. It is known for being able to cleanse you of all negative energy and toxins. It welcomes beauty, positivity and all that is good. 

Like any piece of artisan jewelry, it is important to understand its value. With the agate crystal, you have the ability to improve on many levels. Your physical ailments can improve. Emotionally, you can mature and heal in leaps and bounds. With the practice of clearing your chakra, it comes as a helpful aid.

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