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Peridot, Don't You Know!

She is like a phoenix from the ashes. Peridot is one of the most interesting gems around. She originates from the depths of the earth only coming up to grace us with her beauty when an earthquake disturbs her, or a volcano forces her out of her comfort zone.  What...

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Highlighted Gem: Morganite

Jena Jewelry is huge on diversity. So it’s no wonder one of our favorite gemstones is morganite. This gorgeous gal originates from Madagascar. Her beautiful shades of color compliment any skin tone.  Morganite can take the heat. In fact, she thrives from it. The more heat, the better her color...

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Onyx has to be one of the most bad-ass stones on the planet. These beauties are formed in the gas cavities of lava. And check out the folks who used to rock them back in the day; Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.  My December babies can walk like an Egyptian with...

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Highlighted Gem: Garnet

If one is beautiful, imagine a dozen or more? The garnet gem is exactly that; a bunch of different minerals all rolled into one. This explains the wide array of colors you can find it in. From oranges and browns to greens and blues, this gem is the most diverse...

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Highlighted Gem: Citrine

It’s not often that you come across a stone that is yellow in color. But it does exist. Citrine is represented in pale or golden hues. It can also be seen in brownish red. November babies feel seen with her.  While we often say that certain gems are rare, this...

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Highlighted Gem: Aquamarine

If you identify as a mermaid, aquamarine is on your wave. Representing the babies of March, this cyan and green colored hybrid is part of the beryl family.  Legend has it that sailors used to wear this stone out to sea to protect them from the vixenous mermaids of the...

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