The Era of Artisan Beauty | The 1950s

The beautiful colors and pop of jewelry in the 50s is something that has been replicated for decades because of the trends that were seen then. Jewelry become fashionable in the 50s and has been highly sought out and popular ever since.
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Jewelry Pieces You Should Wear On A Hot Date

Do you have a date coming up? You go girl! The first thing you need to do is pick out an outfit that will bring you the confidence you need. The best part of any outfit is topping it off with jewelry to catch his eye ;). We have many options...

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It's Time To Re-charge!

Ladies...it's time to re-charge! Stop everything you're doing right now! Yes, the dishes can wait fivemore minutes, and the crumbs on the floor aren't going anywhere. Take a deep breath and lend your focus to some wise words. That was hard right? It's hard to focus, or relax when there...

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Love Starts With Lariat

Are you looking for love? If your answer is yes...you’ve come to the right place! Jewelry can do more for you than the average pickup line. All you need is the perfect piece that compliments your style. What’s more eye-catching than a long, striking statement like our Love Lariat Necklace?...

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Say Cheese!

  The Holidays are coming up, ladies! You know what that means right? Family photos! YAY! This is your time to shine girly, and we can help. It’s time to ditch the ugly sweater trend with the fam! Try something new this year and add vibrant accessories to your color...

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