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Why You Should Wear Amethyst

Why You Should Wear Amethyst

All the Greek Goddesses out there say "Heeey"! If you wanna be one, it's never too late! In Greek mythology it is a legend believed that if you wore Amethyst you are a wise sage. "Why?" you might ask?

Amethyst means "not intoxicating". Back in the day, women would wear jewelry with Amethyst to fight the effects of intoxication while drinking wine. It was looked at as a weapon to slay the dragon of the symptoms of wine consumption. Who knew? 

Besides this, Amethyst is healing! It can bring you peace, purity and protection. If this stone was a person, she'd be a triple threat! 

If you want to tap into your Greek Mythology and rock some anti-hangover jewelry, we've got just the thing for you! Check out our Couples Stretch Bracelets with Amethyst and put it's healing efforts to the test!

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