Jewelry Makes You Happy!

When you think about jewelry, nine times out of ten, how does it make you feel? Most often people would say that it brings them joy, or speaks happiness. Jewelry can be a complex in many ways, but the most rewarding complexity is simple: It can make you happy! Most of us...

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Dark Blue Crystals

Christmas decorating in October anyone? Too soon...I think not! Ditch the classic red and green this year and try something new! Dark blue is in, friends! And we’ve got just the statement ornament for you. Check out this Dark Blue and Silver Wrapped Icicle for your tree this year. Man,...

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The Ultimate Guide To Jewelry Etiquette

There are many reasons to buy someone jewelry as a gift. There’s nothing worse than scaring your partner away with an overly flashy item after a few months together. Yikes!  Don’t be that guy or gal. Jena Jewelry is here for you! If you’re currently in a very committed relationship,...

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