Highlighted Gem: Alexandrite

First discovered in Russia back in 1830, the alexandrite is a rare gem. You  will rarely gaze your eyes on such a beautiful blue. Like a true chameleon, this gem transforms color in sunlight. After all, it’s not fair to monopolize just one color! You will often find her in...

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Victorian Era| The Era of Change

The Victorian Era spanned some 64 years starting around 1837 and ending just after the turn of the twentieth century in 1901. The era can be broken down into three different periods, jewelry styles and its meaning.
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The Era of Artisan Beauty | The 1950s

The beautiful colors and pop of jewelry in the 50s is something that has been replicated for decades because of the trends that were seen then. Jewelry become fashionable in the 50s and has been highly sought out and popular ever since.
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Discover Your True Self

The days of trying to figure out who you really are have come to an end. How can this be, you ask? Just wear artisan jewelry! Yup. It's really that simple. Purple Agate is a great place to start, and we've got the perfect earrings for you! Check out our Silver Artisan...

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Costume Jewelry Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe’s on-screen counterpart consistently shows a young woman that is never shy about flaunting her diamonds. However, the real Marilyn was infatuated with costume jewelry.  If you took a peek at her personal jewelry collection you would see a wide range of pieces that look just like this Freshwater...

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One of a Kind Lampwork Beads

Ah! The intricate interworking of the prized lampwork bead. Every detail of this bead is intentionally designed with purpose. It is made out of glass that has been heated, twirled, and colored to perfection. Each step is carefully completed to create this beautiful and tranquil bead. Not one can look...

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