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Unleash the optimal facets of existence! Strive for internal transformation. Embrace the transformative potential of the Carnelian Stretch bracelet, adorned with Snow Jade and Hematite beads, facilitating the alleviation of distress, stress mitigation, and emotional recovery from tumultuous experiences. The Carnelian stones embedded in the bracelet serve as a source of motivation and contribute to sustaining a heightened state of energy and fostering an optimistic outlook on life.

Orange-Red Carnelian:
Motivation | Courage | Vitality 
Orange-Red Carnelian is thought to be closely linked to the sacral chakra, fostering creativity, passion, and the flow of life force energy within an individual. It is often regarded as a stone of motivation, encouraging one to pursue goals with determination and perseverance. This gem is also thought to have a grounding effect, connecting individuals to the present moment and enhancing spiritual awareness.

Snow Jade
Protection | Transformation | Enlightenment
Snow Jade is regarded as a symbol of purity and spiritual awakening, embodying a serene energy that resonates with the essence of enlightenment. It is believed to facilitate a profound connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions, acting as a conduit for higher states of consciousness.

Grounding | Focus | Centering
Hematite is believed to be the most powerful grounding stone, intended to ground the body and mind back to Earth, allowing the mind to focus on what is at hand by strengthening the root chakra. Thus allowing goals to be obtained by pure focus. Thought to recenter our thoughts and allow for clear direction in life’s path.

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