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Introducing our exquisite Stretch Bracelet, crafted with care from Tiger Ebony Wood and Sodalite Beads. This versatile piece comes with a "made with love" base metal charm, reminding you of the joy of wearing one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry.

Harmony | Communication| Trust
Sodalite believed that ground you with energies like self-esteem, acceptance, and trust will have you begging to get grounded. This harmony-inducing stone is thought to re-establish the connection between the higher mind and the body, releasing fears and tensions. Sodalite is believed to encourage energy to strengthen bonds with others, balance every area of your life, and be a powerful stone for intuition and tapping into your sixth sense.

Tiger Ebony Mala:
Strength | Resilience | Grounding Energy
These prayer beads are not merely ornamental; they hold a deeper meaning rooted in spiritual and cultural contexts. Each bead on the strand is regarded as a focal point for concentration during meditative practices, aiding individuals in achieving a heightened state of mindfulness and spiritual connection.

Grounding | Focus | Centering
Hematite is believed to be the most powerful grounding stone, intended to ground the body and mind back to Earth, allowing the mind to focus on what is at hand by strengthening the root chakra. Thus allowing goals to be obtained by pure focus. Thought to recenter our thoughts and allow for clear direction in life’s path.

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