Stretch Bracelet | Jasper, Hematite and Fragrant Green Sandalwood

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Uncover a spiritual experience of calming your mind and body each time you wear this bracelet. Considered to be a perfect balance for the human body and grounding the spirits. It features Grey Leopard Skin Map Jasper, Hematite, and Fragrant Green Sandalwood Mala, each believed to aid in nourishing spiritual strength.

Grey Leopard Skin Map Jasper:

The stone is known to bring emotional lightness and strength in your inner spirit. In addition to giving strength for your emotions, leopard skin jasper will calm and bring peace to your heart, giving you emotional security and stability. Read More...

Fragrant Green Sandalwood Mala Beads: 

Wearing and using gemstone mala beads is a powerful and efficient way to use chakra gemstones in your yoga practice and daily life. If you have a meditation altar, placing your mala on it will also help to balance and activate the space. Read More…

Hematite Heishi: 

We are grounded and protected by hematite. It deepens our bond with the ground and gives us a sense of safety and security. It bestows courage, strength, endurance, and energy upon us. Hematite is a thinking stone stimulating attention and focus while also improving memory and original thought. Read More...

Frame Material: Wood

Seat Material: Wood

Adjustable Height: No

Seat Style: Saddle

Distressed: No

Custom Made: No

Number of Items Included: 1

Folding: No

Stackable: No

Cushions Included: No

Arms Included: No

Footrest Included: Yes

Casters Included: No

Nailhead Trim: No

Weight Capacity: 225 Kilogramm

Commercial Use: No

Country of Manufacture: United States



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