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Discover Your True Self

Discover Your True Self

The days of trying to figure out who you really are have come to an end. How can this be, you ask? Just wear artisan jewelry! Yup. It's really that simple.

Purple Agate is a great place to start, and we've got the perfect earrings for you! Check out our Silver Artisan Wire Wrapped Purple Agate Earrings for yourself and try not to fall in love too quickly. 

Not only is this stone beautiful, but it's practical! It allows you to connect with your inner chakra to discover your true self. It will expose creativity, intuition and clarity by unlocking a deeper part of yourself.

If you are stuggling with fears, or memories of your past experiences, purple agate can help you get passed them. It will help you unload all of your emotional baggage. Your spiritual, emotional, and physical health are worth investing in!

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