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Celebrating Love and Friendship this Valentine's Day

Love is in the air! Jewelry serves as a lasting memento of the special moments shared on Valentine's Day. We customize, so why not create a custom piece with our Say It With Code line? Contact us today!
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Embracing New Beginnings in the New Year

2024 is here! Embrace new beginnings, set new goals and reflect on your accomplishments to make 2024 a year of growth, fulfillment, and positive change.
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The Quartz, Of Course

She’s as cold as ice! Legend has it that quartz was formed from petrified ice. Well, call me Elsa and let that quartz go all over me! She is composed of transparency and mystery in translucent hues. November babies have something to smile about with the beautiful quartz representing their...

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Highlighted Gem: Opal

Opal is out of this world. Literally! NASA has found traces of this beautiful stone on Mars. She comes to us in an array of colors but is most popular in her simplest form of white.  Our October babies should walk with their heads held high knowing this is their...

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Highlighted Gem: Emerald

Pop culture emphasizes beauty in being flawless but emeralds go against the grain. Their beauty is actually found in their flaws. From dark to medium shades of green and sometimes a hint of blue, this spectacular gem comes from the beryl family.  This beauty doesn’t need the approval of pop...

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Highlighted Gem: Amethyst

Let’s talk about the 50 shades of amethyst! Step aside, rubies! Bow down, emeralds. We get that you are the highest regarded of gems but amethyst is royalty as she adorns herself with purple hues that range from pale lilac to deep violet. And because she is so common, YOU...

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