Jeepers Creepers!

Jeepers Creepers!

Who knew that spiders made of jewelry would ever make it on a Christmas tree? Well you can rest's not only a "fad", it's a well known tradition! Maybe you have never embraced this tradition yourself, but you might want to this year.

It comes from an old wise tale about an mother who couldn't afford to decorate her Christmas tree. The story tells that as she went to sleep that night, tiny spider friends came and worked their magic! There are many versions of this story, but it ends on a good note! The mother and her children would wake up to a beautifully decorated tree the next morning.

Although it still remains a mystery how those decorations came about, many believe that if you put a spider decoration on your tree, it will bring you good luck. Whether that means a freshly decorated tree, or maybe an answer to your greatest wish!

Open your mind to something new to add to your decor traditions this year and check out this White & Silver Christmas Spider. There are plenty more to choose from here at Jena Jewelry.

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