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Lave Stones Jones

Lava stones are exactly what they say they are. Stones made out of lava. Just imagine! These stones we wear as jewelry once were steaming hot lava coming out of a volcano. That's wild.

They're known to be one of the oldest stones on earth, predominantly found in the ocean. These precious stones are some of the oldest on the planet. It's no wonder they're seen in pretty much every culture known to man.

Lava stones are very known for their healing powers. However, they're not as obvious as you know other stones to be in its healing. Consider this stone to be the "cocky" of the bunch. It promotes emotional healing with undeniable confidence. Have too many emotions going on? Lava stones will kick that dirt off your shoulders faster than you can finish reading this sentence. And it doesn't just heal emotional hurts either! Because these stones are from the earth, it helps you keep stable and grounded. Gone are the anxious jitters and butterflies we've grown to hate and accept.

For these healing purposes, we adorn them as jewelry. The closer to the skin, the better we can absorb its intense energy and healing power. However, the lava stones won't just work when you wear it. They're so powerful, they can suck the negativity out of a room simply by being placed there. So be sure to have it handy when the mother-in-law comes to visit. 

We're totally kidding! But in all seriousness. If you're looking for a confidence booster, something that will keep you level headed and get rid of unwanted anxiety, adorn yourself with lava stones!  

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