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Spark Your Happiness With A Moonstone

Spark Your Happiness With A Moonstone

Me: I want more crystals.

Bank Account: There are rocks in the driveway...so that’s close enough.

Can you believe the oldest jokes dates back to 1900 B.C. (insert surprised monkey emoji face here)? And that’s no joke I’m telling ya. That’s right! The oldest joke featured some good ole toilet humor. How about that!

Where would we be without a good belly laugh? Cheers to good fun for you and your best bud on National Joke Day! Don’t listen to your bank account! Those stones in the driveway don’t even compare to our moonstone crystals to commemorate this day full of silliness and smiles.

Moonstones are known to deliver joy, happiness, and positivity. You can stunt your brand new Moonstone Bracelet without any guilt, because you know it’s spreading positive vibes all around you. They carry such a powerful draw of energy that even when you walk past a mirror and see the crystals, you can’t help but smile!

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