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The Healing Powers of the Agate

The Healing Powers of the Agate

Are you on a healing journey? Look no further! Agate stones will do it for you. Coming in so many shades of blues, green and purples, it's no wonder their mystically flowing design resemble where they were first discovered in the Achates Rivers of Sicily. But many other cultures adapted the stone. They are also found in the Egyptian, Persian, and Islamic world. Agate stones are even used in Chinese medicine.

At the time of its discover these stones were considered to be a treasure. They were used to keep away evil spirits. In Asian cultures, it was used to stir up ones chi. With the many thunder and lightning that adorned the sky and threatened so many, agate was used to calm storms. They also brought victories for fought wars. Agate stones were even used for physical healings from snake bites.

In today's society, the agate stone is still relevant. Wear these stones to balance your anxiety and keep your emotions in check. Bring the blue stone with you to a conversation where you wish to speak full truth. A green stone kept close to your heart will always remind you that self care is important. It's a great jewel to wear to work or to any busy environment where you can easily lose yourself. If you're finding that you have not been as ambitious at you'd like, the fire stone is where it's at for you! Need help problem solving? The botswana agate can help clear your mind to make the right decision. 

It doesn't stop with these stones. There are so many uses that will help improve your life! So when shopping for jewelry, look beyond the aesthetics. Artisan jewelry can change your life.

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