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Radiate self-assurance through our Stretch Bracelet, meticulously crafted with a combination of Lava stone, Black Larvikite, Hematite, and Golden Tigereye. Express yourself through the jewelry medium, allowing it to become a symbol that manifests your internal resilience and fortitude.

Contact me directly if you want the same bracelet in a different size, color, material, or size.

Enhance Insight | Courage | Protection
Promotes a clear and perceptive outlook, enhancing our understanding of ourselves and the world. Tigereye is believed to blend the energies of the earth with those of light or the sun, producing a powerful yet grounded gemstone.

Grounding | Focus | Centering
Hematite tells it like it is. If you’re spinning out of control or spending all your time going over things in your mind on constant replay, hematite will give you a reality check. It brings you out of your mind and back down to earth. Hematite’s energy focuses on the body and teaches us to do the same. Rather than overanalyzing due to stress or anxiety, use hematite to connect to your root chakra so that you can stay grounded and just be.

Lava Stone:
Grounding | Rebirth | Transformation
Believed to provide stability and strength, fostering a deep connection to the roots of existence. Its porous nature makes it ideal for absorbing and diffusing essential oils, enhancing its therapeutic qualities.

Spiritual Insight | Inner Clarity | Enhancement of Intuitive Abilities
Believed to promote a deep connection with the energies of the Earth, facilitating a harmonious balance between the spiritual and physical realms. Larvikite is often revered for its capacity to stimulate intellectual prowess, encouraging profound contemplation and developing a clear, focused mindset. As a versatile metaphysical tool, this stone is instrumental in promoting self-discovery, and guiding individuals on a journey of introspection and self-awareness.


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