Why You Should Wear Amethyst

All the Greek Goddesses out there say "Heeey"! If you wanna be one, it's never too late! In Greek mythology it is a legend believed that if you wore Amethyst you are a wise sage. "Why?" you might ask? Amethyst means "not intoxicating". Back in the day, women would wear jewelry...

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Cute Jewelry To Wear When You're Feeling Not So Cute

We all have those days when we aren't feeling the best. Typically, that leaves us feeling like we don't look our best! Jena Jewelry is here for you, girl! If you want to stay comfortable and still show up to work presentable, this Wire Wrapped Bracelet is just the trick. It will...

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Mother Nature Knows Best

Are you tired of spending countless hours meditating? All the while finding it to be a hopeless endeavor to find peace, and become one with mother nature? It's because you're not wearing lava stone! DUH!  Lava stone is the connecting factor between your inner chakra and the center of the...

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Shed Some Light On The Subject

Sandalwood is for more than just a pretty scent for a candle! Sandalwood can be molded into unique beads that can stimulate the base chakra. This bead can enhance trust, identity, peace and good luck. The list is endless! How do your get your hands on such a fine thing?...

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Crystal Clear

Attention all dreamers, world changers, and all around great humans. Ahem, look alive...That’s you! That’s right! Clear crystals have something in it for everyone. Here are some examples. You're...  working on your attitude trying to lose weight wanting to maintain a better diet just wanting to improve your good vibes...

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Opal; More Than A Birthstone

Any October babies in the house? Whoop whoop! We celebrate you here at Jena Jewelry with our Opal Stone selection. Capture not only the beauty, but versatile style of our Opal and Silver-Plated Stretch Bracelet. What’s even more fascinating about Opal is that it is so much more than just...

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